Everything You Need. Nothing You Don't.

SAM is designed for marketers by marketers. So we know what's necessary and what just gets in your way. Explore the features of SAM.

SAM in sailor attire

Tools Designed to Make Your Job Easier

Best-in-Class Content Editing Interface

SAM uses familiar editing tools that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever worked in a word processor. 

Powerful Architecture Tools

Easily add, edit, delete and reorganize pages and content “chunks.” Move a single page — or entire branches of your site — with the click of a button.

A True “Team Player”

Assign user roles, groups and permissions to help streamline the authoring, approval and publishing process. Easily add outside contributors, such as contract copywriters, to help collaborate on your content.

Global Ready Framework

SAM handles many languages with equal aplomb — we’ve produced websites in French, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Russian.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Every SAM site is engineered with your specific needs and requirements in mind. Forget paying for extra “features” that offer no value.

Unlimited Design Options

SAM gives you 100% control over your website — anything that can be rendered in a browser can be achieved in SAM.

A CMS Customized for Your Business

SAM Entities has the power to transform the entire CMS to fit your business’ needs, not the other way around. Save time populating dozens of employee, news and product pages with SAM Entities, our all-new, powerful, structured-data feature.  

Boost Your SEO Strategy  

SAM Entities put your site’s content into a structured-data format, which makes it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the purpose of your site’s pages. By incorporating structured-data into your SEO strategy, you can increase your search engine visibility and meet Google’s standards without extra work.

Upload Videos with Ease

With the rise of video content appearing on websites, SAM 3.1 is making it even easier to upload and share your YouTube and Vimeo content.

Guide Users with Google Maps Integration  

Insert maps directly onto your site with the SAM 3.1 Google Maps tool to easily provide directions for your customers.

SAM vs Other Platforms

Features and Benefits SAM Drupal Joomla Wordpress
Any design, including custom unique designs      
Foreign language support      
Search engine-friendly URLs      
One-button publishing for mobile and desktop      
Responsive designs      
Public and private forums      
Purpose-built for managing websites (pages)      
Platform support PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, JSP PHP PHP PHP
Optional dynamic serving Requires Plugin Requires Plugin Requires Plugin
Separate staging environment Requires Plugin Requires Plugin Requires Plugin
Many-to-many relationship between content and pages Complex   Requires Plugin
Mirrored content chunks     Widgets
Easy integration with 3rd-party services      
True "What You See Is What You Get" Editing      
Faster load times with static HTML      
Built on Microsoft Technologies      
Cascading content chunks      
Default content chunks      
User and groups permissions model      
User-defined publishing roles      
Granular permissions